Machine Imaging

Set Proxy on all available network services

When you want to set the proxy on all available network services (say with JAMF’s Casper Suite at imaging time?)


## A few variables we'll need for later

declare -a NetServs

# Dealing with IFS as we need to alter it to avoid space issues.

#Define what Network Services are available.
NetServs=( `networksetup -listallnetworkservices | cut -d "." -f 2-` )

# Go through each network service and set the autoproxy.

for NetServ in ${NetServs[*]}; do
networksetup -setautoproxyurl "$NetServ" $ProxyURL
echo "$NetServ" is now set to use the proxy at $ProxyURL

exit 0


till next time

What version is my Mac OS X installer?

One of the things that I do for Mac imaging is use InstaDMG to make my master image.  Part of the InstaDMG imaging process requires the build version of the installer OS to match a specified key in the catalog.  I figured out where this was, months ago, but as time has passed I forgot it.

Luckily, I didn’t need to use it for a while.  But now I do.  We’re having to go to Lion for a few months to get the Mac Book Airs out the door.  I can’t put an unsupported OS on a production machine.  So, we’ll brave new waters for a few months and try to keep that momentum up for a quick adoption to Mountain Lion.

Anyways!  Back to the point of this post!!!!

To find out what version of Lion your installer is (for use with InstaDMG), simply mount the InstallESD.dmg, and open


Now look at the value for ProductBuildVersion.  That is your version number.

I’m posting this, so if I ever need it again, I know where to look.  Thanks to Allister on’s InstaDMG forum for pointing this one out!

Till next time.